Our Story

We’re on a mission to create the highest quality equipment for Working Dogs and Beloved Pets alike. Behind every disciplined Handler and K9, every humane Trainer and Student, every Shelter Worker and Dog, every Pet Parent and Pet, is reliable equipment for whatever their work may be.  

My name is John, I’m a former Animal Shelter Supervisor, Animal Control Officer and Humane Law Enforcement Officer. Needless to say, I love dogs. Not surprisingly, I met my wife Jaime at an Animal Shelter. Jaime is an incredible Dog Trainer and K9 Behavior Consultant. One of our 3 dogs, Oaklee, is a therapy dog who visits people in need. Spending so much time on the road it was important that we purchased a seatbelt that would protect him. When we searched online we had our pick of a huge selection of seatbelts with no safety ratings or published breaking strengths. Every option was made overseas, with no legitimate company backing it and constructed of questionable materials. We also noticed every seatbelt utilized a snap hook to connect to the dog. There is no snap hook on the market that can withstand more than 337lbs of force (1.5kN). This means these seat belts will all fail in a 35 MPH car accident with a dog as light as 35lbs. No to mention the thread size, type, and stitching pattern were inferior and would likely fail long before the snap hook. It was clear they were selling a false sense of security, at the cost of the safety of our pets. The Patent Pending Guardian Leash was born.

Calling on our combined experience we began to design a lineup of the very highest quality equipment for professionals and pet parents. We pride ourselves on thought-out, well tested designs. We worked tirelessly to mitigate failure points and made a commitment to build our equipment with only the highest quality materials like Kevlar, Welded Steel, Heavy Bonded Nylon. Most importantly, everything is handcrafted in-house, proudly in the USA. We’re so proud of our equipment that we guarantee select products for the life of your pet.